Tour Subjects

We’re here to bring the curriculum to life. Built around Australian education requirements, we’re all about personalising your educational tour for your students.

History & Classics educational tours

Designed to deepen students’ understanding of history, our tours will inspire their curiosity and imagination as they experience history first-hand.

Our tours offer History students the opportunity to come face to face with the past and walk in the footsteps of those who helped shaped the world as we know it today.

Language & Culture educational tours

We at Travelbound recognise the importance of students learning another language, not only on a personal level, but professionally as well. To reflect this, we offer immersive activities and unique experiences such as homestay, language lessons or local market visits to give students the opportunity hear and speak the local language.

All language schools that we partner with are internationally accredited and classes are run by professional, qualified teachers. Depending on the experience you are looking for, language schools can be chosen in energetic cities or intimate villages and towns.

Music & Performance educational tours

We are passionate about music. Arranged by musicians for musicians, our tailor-made music tours will inspire your students. Students will see the history and living traditions of music through our tours and will take their music to exciting destinations around the world! Travelbound has an extensive network of venues throughout all our tour destinations to suit different touring ensembles and groups.

Business & Commerce educational tours

Take your studies into the dynamic financial and business capitals of the world! We will work together with you to design the perfect tour where students can have meetings with executives of large organisations, tour production factories and even meet Australian expats who have set up their own businesses overseas.

Geography, Biology & Science educational tours

Take Geography out of the classroom and into the exciting outdoors. Trek your way along the Grand Canyon, discover geothermal springs in New Zealand or visit the NASA Kennedy Space Center in Florida. We can tailor a Geography and Science tour to suit all subjects, budgets and time frames.

Click here to check out our popular STEM destinations: USA, Geneva 

Food Technology Tours

Food is at the heart of every cultural experience. Travelbound offers school groups exceptional culinary experiences in a range of countries around the world. Combine cooking classes with language lessons, sample produce at a local market or visit a traditional artisan baker – a range of activities can be incorporated into your tour to create a truly immersive experience.

STEM educational tours

Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths tours have been an increasingly popular field of interest for schools; with a variety of exciting and innovative programs available for students.   Space Camp in the USA, Innovation in Japan, Business Centres in Singapore and Science in Switzerland are among the myriad of STEM based tour destinations available, not to mention Biology in Antarctica!

TravelBound Education – Tailor Made School Tours

With over 26 years’ experience, Travelbound Education is one of the world’s leading educational tour specialists. We provide tailor-made tours for schools to breathtaking destinations around the world! Travelbound Education will work with you to develop a unique itinerary designed to meet your individual educational requirements.

You can be confident that your personalised tour has been put together by someone who has extensive first-hand knowledge of the regions you will be visiting. Our dedicated team can offer you world-class advice on how to get the most out of your chosen destination. Speak to one of our educational tour experts and let us tailor an unforgettable adventure for your group.

Cross-Curricular Tours

Many of the destinations that we offer are also compatible with other subjects and can run as cross-curricular tours. This allows multiple subject groups the opportunity to travel together.

Other Subjects

Travelbound Education can also create specialised tailor-made tours for the following subjects:
• Art & Art History
• Business & Economics
• Politics & Current Affairs
• Geography & Sustainability
• Science
• Travel & Tourism
• Citizenship
• English Literature
• Performing Arts
• Religious Education
And more…!