The Fastest Way Students Can Master a Second Language

While textbooks and tutors can introduce students to a language, there are limitations to what the classroom can do. The best way to learn a language is through immersion. This is not to say that students can ditch the books, but experiencing a culture first-hand will fast-track their learnings.

Understanding a language isn’t just about words, phrases and pronunciation.

It’s connecting to the country itself and interacting the way locals do. Doing this, your students can discover local expressions, cultural norms and body language – all of which play a role in crafting conversations and support language learning techniques.

Learn a language by learning the culture.

Sitting at restaurants and overhearing conversations. Riding a subway and observing cultural etiquette. Walking centuries-old streets and discovering architecture and traditions. All of these situations help create a deeper connection with a culture and offer opportunities of teaching yourself a language.

At the very least, it will help your students gain a deeper understanding of the country. Cultural language trips also give students the invaluable opportunity to learn from, and interact with, locals. These experiences are the best way to learn a language.

This will boost their confidence, as well as yours, their teacher. Travel bridges the gap between your students and the people you’re teaching in class. There’s no better way to enhance their (second) vocabulary than cultural immersion.

With you, their teacher, as part of the experience, you can adopt those learnings back into the classroom. Sharing this educational adventure as a group is an incredible way to forge bonds, create lifelong memories, and nurture their growth in the years that follow.

Formal & casual learning experiences.

With a TravelBound educational tour, your students will get the chance to develop their language skills both in-class and through incidental experiences, such as homestays. This is where the real shift happens. When we say immersed, we mean 24/7.

This way, your students will forge friendships with local families, by staying in their homes and seeing a glimpse of how life is. We understand by partnering with your school, we’re also connecting with the parents, as school-based tours aren’t like typical itineraries.

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Talk to TravelBound Education for more information about overseas language tours and the best languages to learn. This is one of the best ways to learn Spanish, German, French or other languages in your curriculum.

No two secondary schools follow the same itinerary as we custom-design each trip. Let us know your curriculum requirements and, together, we’ll put together a language trip of a lifetime that you and your students will love.

Pack your bags… and your books.

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