The Educational Benefits of Travel for Student Success

There are various types of learning styles. Although, academic learning, within the four walls of a classroom, most often comes to mind. But when you think about it, we first learn through observation… from our parents, family and friends.

Then, comes school.

There’s no denying, academic learning is crucial. It helps form the foundation for our lives. As educators, you can deliver your teaching verbally, bringing in visual and aural elements. You can appeal to their logic and create social and solitary space, when necessary.

But, there’s something that touches, combines and enhances all learning styles…

Travel – A visual, aural, verbal, physical and logical learning experience

While a video might help your students visualise what you’re teaching, with sound and music, being there and seeing it with their own two eyes creates a whole new, learning connection.

It becomes a multi-sensory experience, rather than a one-way delivery. Your students can see, touch, feel it and physically make sense of it. Their small experiences will craft the collective moments, which accumulate to a deeper understanding of the culture (and their place in the world).

Travelling as part of education

There is no one, cookie-cutter approach we can take to teach future generations. What we do know is education is becoming more dynamic, as young people have the world at their ‘fingertips’.

Every student is different and responds in their own, unique way. Immersive learning, through travel, should be part of this mix. Educational trips are even more important now, than ever before, with the saturation of technology.

Sure, students can look up the Mona Lisa on Google. But, there’s little doubt that travelling is the best way of learning– through active, in-person engagement. Good grades are important in schooling journey.

An overseas trip following an educational itinerary will help their understanding, connection and comprehension to that topic. Good grades usually follow. However, the educational value of travelling is absorbed, deeper than this.

Travel builds socialising and life skills. It sets in motion, experiences, influences and events that are impossible to achieve from the comfort of home.

Reaching a new level of confidence…

Taking more chances, where you once before only saw fear. Like a shy student running for class leader.

Better time management, planning and organisation skills…

Showing respect, to others and yourself…

Improving social skills, by acknowledging, meeting and interacting with new people.

Consider how your students will grow, having embraced a world-wide classroom.

Don’t worry, there are school-based tour providers who can help you plan the whole trip, so it complements your curriculum (and reassure anxious parents).

Got a destination or learning outcome in mind for your students? Unsure what your educational trip might look like? Request a tailor-made travel itinerary from TravelBound.

The world is your teaching oyster.

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