Teaching Japanese at High School? Improve Grades with a Practical Educational Trip to Japan

Japan is, arguably, the most world’s most fascinating country. It’s distinctive, contradictory, culture, a mix of pop culture and ancient traditions. From Hello Kitty and geishas to sumo wrestling and sushi-trains, teaching Japanese culture is a journey in itself.

It’s a mind-boggling culture that’s almost impossible to comprehend, until seeing it. For teachers, a student trip to Japan can help your class develop their understanding, cultural knowledge and language skills.

Boost your confidence, together, as a class

Travel is powerful, in that it’s a wholesome learning experience. You’ll go there to improve your Japanese but come home with a deeper understanding of the culture. Whether it’s language lessons at partner schools or practical assignments, roaming historical sites or one of the world’s largest cities, Tokyo, the lessons are waiting at every turn.

Kyoto has mystical temples, Kinkakuji and Kiyomizu dera, and Nijo Castle. Over in Hiroshima, students will see first-hand, the event that shaped Japan’s history, forever. The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park gives today’s youth a glimpse of the effect of World War II.

Onto Tokyo, a whole new world is waiting to be discovered.

Shrines, temples, famous shopping & business districts, sword museums, cooking classes, Rainbow Bridge, and karaoke – invented in Japan!

Yeah, like we said, an enthralling collection of experiences that’ll spark wonder and more curiosity into this culture. And, you know what this means… engaged, ready-to-learn students.

Japanese teaching ideas

If you teach high school Japanese and would like to learn more about a tailor-made educational itinerary based on your curriculum, fill in your details in the contact form.

Let’s explore the perfect mix of language, culture and history experiences for your class. Our team will support you in the lead-up to the trip. Once your itinerary is made, you might even want to introduce it to your students, and spend time touching on the places you’ll visit, accommodation options and attractions, in Japanese!

This way, when you land, your students will know how to communicate important phrases… so the learning can begin immediately.

Ask our team for more Japanese activities for the classroom. Given that your trip will be custom-designed to your needs, there will be harmony between what you’re teaching in class and the experiences your students are about to embark on.

Japan will awaken your imagination and capture your heart. It’ll introduce your students to so much more than a second language.

So, tell us. How do you want to show your students Japan?

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