Tapas, Picasso and Cathedrals: The Ingredients of A Successful School Trip to Spain

As teachers, it’s not an easy job to educate your students about countries steeped in thousands of years of culture. How can you even begin to convey a country’s entire history in a classroom curriculum?

It’s not easy, but that’s what makes you a great teacher. And educational tours in Spain help bridge your teachings, deepening their understanding of the culture. Just imagine meandering the streets of Barcelona or Madrid, bustling with colourful culture, grand cathedrals and, of course, tapas.

School trips to Spain often revolve around language, art and literature, and history. Literature, music, and performance are also synonymous with Spain. There are plenty of ways to learn that don’t involve textbooks and traditional lessons.

Give your students this immersive and indelible educational experience.

Local Language Schools

Teaching Spanish? Map out your itinerary, spending time in language schools, either in big cities or smaller towns. Have a think about the type of experience you’d like to provide your students.

Just imagine what ‘learned Spanish in Spain’ can add to their resume. The great part about local Spanish classes is they’ll learn more than just words and speech. This immersive ‘classroom’ introduces them to the Spanish way of life, new friends, food and cultural norms.


Once your students have seen something as magnificent as the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, they’ll never look at architecture the same way. The UNESCO World Heritage Site began construction in 1882… and is still going. Nothing compares to seeing the spectacular Gaudi-designed Cathedral with your own eyes.


Develop your student’s aptitude and appreciation for art with a visit to the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid. You’ll find an expansive collection of one of Spain’s (and the world’s) greatest artists, Picasso. Still just as recognised today, the spirit of Picasso, Gaudi and Dali is alive on the artistic streets of Barcelona.

Art of another kind, a flamenco show in Barcelona, is not to be missed. Flamenco dancing is passionate, expressive and powerfully evocative. This Spanish tradition dates back to the 18thcentury and is intertwined with the gypsy culture.


One word… tapas. You’ll be surprised by how many of these delectable, snack-size servings come free with a drink. But, when in Spain, you want to try as many of these plates as possible. Students will develop their cultural palette, getting a taste for the way the Spanish dine.

With afternoon siestas and a notoriously late dinner, tapas were created for the in-between. Get ready for tiny plates with big flavour, like olives, chorizo, fried squid, cheese, croquetas, and clams.

If you teach Spanish or European history, contact TravelBound to map out a tailored itinerary for your class. For a sense-heightening educational experience, make Spain your destination.

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