Planned Business Tours Introduce Students to Real-world Economics

While economics isn’t a major in high school, it’s something we all use in our everyday life. We’re all impacted by the economy… and not just our own.

As a business studies teacher, you’ll undoubtedly touch on economics. But just imagine showing economic principles in action, growing one of the world’s leading industrial nations.

If you’re teaching your students about the intersection between economics, culture, history, and religion, school-based educational trips are a great way to do it. They’ll learn so much more about what’s driving these business aspects.

Answer the question, “How does economics affect us?” by showing them. Follow up your fundamentals of economics teachings with a multi-sensory, real-world experience of it.

They’ll get a deeper understanding of economics in daily life, in the business capitals of the world, by immersing themselves in large organisations, touring factories, and seeing the in’s and out’s of businesses in leading industries.

Your students will have the chance to meet with top executives and even sit down with Australian expats who have set up their own companies.

We plan school-based tours to the world’s biggest economics including the USA, China, Japan, and Germany, and because we create tailored itineraries, you can introduce different economics-complimentary subjects into yours. This might be politics and current affairs, geography, tourism, and citizenship.

So what could your itinerary look like?

The chances are, you’ll be jetting off to China, Singapore, or America. But ultimately, that’s your call.

Singapore is considered ‘the Business Hub of Southeast Asia’ thanks to Government funding into programs and initiatives. This makes it a perfect destination to introduce your students to the world of entrepreneurship, business, and economics.

You can visit Singapore’s coolest offices, that Google, Facebook, Airbnb, and Twitter call home… or the Science Centre, where you’ll experience the intersection of STEM education and entrepreneurship.

Or China, the world’s largest manufacturing economy. For students interested in growing economies and consumer power, they can learn, first-hand, the opportunities (and challenges) of entering China, through presentations and sit-downs with Australian professionals.

Plus, of course, the USA. Most likely fans of the TV show Silicon Valley or the movie The Wolf of Wall Street, a trip to America will interest most high school students. From Converse-wearing entrepreneurs of California to the Armani suits of New York’s financial district, an educational trip here will showcase different influences of the U.S. economy.

Teach economics and the real world out there, where business is happening. Textbooks can only take their comprehension so far.

Let’s create your tailor-made economics school tour today. Including teaching Chinese or Japanese. Languages students would be interested, too.

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