Our Philosophy

We focus on what makes every destination real; the people, the food, the language. There’s no better way to learn about a culture than getting amongst all of those things. Experience it alongside a passionate and experienced local guide who will bring these stories to life.

Home away from home

There is no better way to learn a language than experiencing the everyday language immersion that comes from living with a host family.

Home stay is the perfect opportunity for students to develop their language skills as well as immerse themselves in the compelling culture and customs of the country they are visiting. Students have the exciting yet challenging opportunity to get involved in a country’s culture and local customs in a practical environment designed to provide an authentic life experience.

Food, glorious food

On our tours, students will get the opportunity to see, touch, smell and, most importantly, taste the culture in the country they will visit!

Food is at the heart of every cultural experience. Travelbound offers school groups exceptional culinary experiences in a range of countries around the world. Combine cooking classes with language lessons, sample produce at a local market or visit a traditional artisan baker – a range of activities can be incorporated into your tour to create a truly immersive experience.

People matters

The people of a particular country, their personal experiences, stories and culture will be one of the most impacting experiences that students will remember.

Picture discussing the difficulties of starting a new business in China with an Australian expat, being taught how to weave grass baskets in Hawaii or learning to play Pétanque in the gardens in Paris. Engaging with people who live in the country you will be visiting is what makes our tours so authentic and immersive.

Walk the talk

In terms of experience, passion and in-depth understanding of a city, historic event or cultural traditions you cannot beat a walking tour with a local guide.

Picture yourself exploring the battlefields of WWI being led by a historian, strolling the banks of the Seine with a Parisian or learning how to cook a traditional Tuscan meal. Travelbound always seeks to work with qualified and engaging tour leaders to make your tour an adventure students will never forget.