National Parks, Cultural Tribes & Lord of the Rings. New Zealand, a Different Kind of School Trip

While a school educational trip might conjure up European cobblestone streets or ancient temples in Asia, there are destination options even closer to home… with just as much culture.

New Zealand is a great example. Our smaller ‘neighbour’, New Zealand is a wonderful country to introduce your students to the world of travel. Although it’s only a short 4-5 hours away and with cities that have familiarities to home, New Zealand is other-worldly (and full of lessons to unearth).

Why New Zealand for students?

Chances are, you’ll have a few Lord of the Rings fans in your classroom. But beyond bringing this mystical, ancient Hollywood tale to life, there’s a lot to learn in New Zealand’s natural landscapes, rich Maori culture, and outdoor adventures.

Geography, science and music teachers, plan your school-based trip around New Zealand’s cultural activities. This is an all-encompassing, cultural and landscape experience that is hard to find anywhere else in the world.

Geysers, volcanoes, waterfalls & glaciers…

No, we’re not talking about Iceland. New Zealand is home to a spectrum of natural wonders, all on this small island. Visit the oldest national park and dual World Heritage Site, Tongariro National Park, or the world’s largest hot spring, Waimangu Volcanic Valley Geothermal Park.

Speaking of Lord of the Rings, there’s a must-do cultural attraction in Rotorua: the Hobbiton Tour. While you’re in and around Rotorua, visit the Ruakuri cave tour, marvelling at the natural spectacle of glow worms.

Kiwi fruit farms, honey hives, village tours & cultural dances…

If the jaw-dropping landscapes aren’t already enough to fill your itinerary, there’s the culture, music, and performances. Weave in experiences with the indigenous Maori people, learning their tribal stories and traditions.

There are all kinds of Maori cultural experiences, such as the Mine Bay Rock Carvings and Honey Hive in Taupo. Make time for the Rainbow Springs Kiwi Park, dairy farm tours, and fish markets.

New Zealand will leave your students in awe, curious for more, and ready for future explorations, in class.

If you’re interested in planning a customised school trip to New Zealand, find out more about what we can offer for you this sample itinerary and then work with us to create your own perfect, based on your curriculum and interests.

Or just fill in your details in this contact form and we’ll get back to you soon. Then, put on Lord of the Rings, as inspiration.

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