How to Position Your School as a Cultural Educator with Global School Tours

Do you have a classroom full of students from different regions, states, and countries? Diversity is a wonderful teaching tool, introducing new cultures and ways of life to kids who may have never even left their town or city.

It’s not just about adapting to people from different walks of life while learning. This can also prepare them for a diverse workforce and, even deeper, contributing to a better, more inclusive society.

The benefits of cultural diversity extend to innovations and companies of the future. Our culture affects the lens through which we see the world. A mix of viewpoints is always a good thing, especially when problem-solving.

There are direct and non-direct ways of ‘teaching’ cultural education. Indirectly, you can do this simply through a multicultural classroom. Include all cultures in your teaching to avoid exclusion.

A more direct approach is to implement activities to teach cultural diversity. This might be as introductory as encouraging your students to all share a story of the favourite place they’ve visited… or exploring the globe and picking one country to learn about, each week.

But one of the best school cultural activities you can do is plan an overseas educational trip.

Travel is the most valuable of teachers, and when it comes to cultural diversity and differences, nothing opens your eyes quite like being in a foreign country.

Are inclusion and diversity your values?
School-based educational tours communicate this.

What message are you sending to students, parents (and future families) with an overseas learning experience to, say, India? Curiosity and love for all cultures.

And language trips to China or Japan? Respect and interest in our neighbours.

A historical adventure to Italy? A keen interest in generations that came before.

Overseas trips unite students, educate them on key subjects, and foster a deeper acceptance of cultures. And for your school, it positions you well with your values of inclusion, diversity, and equality for all. Is that the type of school you envision being?

Embrace the world, with safe, carefully-curated itineraries designed for your school. For 30 years, we’ve helped Australian high schools teach upcoming generations the importance of cultural appreciation and acceptance.

And we can help yours, too.

Let’s organise your tailor-made itinerary so you can lead by experience… as a school that not only believes in inclusion, but actively invests in teaching it.

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