How to Plan The Best Educational Trip in China

Does the thought of taking your students on an educational trip to China excite and overwhelm you? Worried about the logistics and missing something, or concerned about how you’ll cope once you get there?

These feelings are normal. But don’t let them prevent you from giving your student this unique experience…

To apply what they’ve learned…

To understand the culture, not just the language…

To ignite a desire to continue with Chinese.

And with TravelBound, we’ll walk you through the entire journey. Think of us as your ‘travel agents’. Just like every successful adventure, planning is important. We’ll take care of everything, but these questions will get you in the right (travel) headspace.

Where? China.
Now, answer the when?

With a school trip to China, you’re coordinating a large group of people. Put your heads together and work out the best dates for your trip. Consider school commitments, the time of the year, weather and desired budget.

And of course, use our experience to help you determine the best month for your China student tour.

What are you trying to achieve?
Your why.

Take time to think about your why.

Why are you planning this educational trip to China? What are you trying to achieve? Would you like to teach your students about the culture and history as well as language? What about business and career opportunities?

Your why will craft the itinerary we create together. It’ll help you get the most out of your trip and make the greatest impact on your students. Is there anything they’re struggling with in class?

As you know, no two students learn in the same way. Travel offers hands-on, interactive ‘lessons’ and we can craft these into your itinerary.

What you’d like to see or do on your China school tour?

Educational travel is special in that you can fill your days with activities that immerse students in the Chinese culture. Want to teach them about the country’s history? You can do that with a trip to the Great Wall or the Terracotta Army.

Make a list of everything you’ve explored in-class and future topics in your curriculum. What questions do your students ask? What are they curious about seeing?

Who’s going?

And of course, determine who will be joining this trip. How many Chinese teachers do you have in your school? Is there an opportunity to pair this with a history class?

Do you have alliances with sister schools abroad? This is a great way to build your itinerary and strengthen your international relationships.

As for all the logistical (but vital) things to do, like visas and flights, that’s where we come in. Together, let’s plan your educational travel tour to China. We work with hundreds of Australian schools just like yours.

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