Japan is, arguably, the most world’s most fascinating country. It’s distinctive, contradictory, culture, a mix of pop culture and ancient traditions. From Hello Kitty and geishas to sumo wrestling and sushi-trains, teaching Japanese culture is a journey in itself. It’s a mind-boggling culture that’s almost impossible to comprehend, until seeing it. For teachers, a student … Read more

There are various types of learning styles. Although, academic learning, within the four walls of a classroom, most often comes to mind. But when you think about it, we first learn through observation… from our parents, family and friends. Then, comes school. There’s no denying, academic learning is crucial. It helps form the foundation for … Read more

Do you have a classroom full of students from different regions, states, and countries? Diversity is a wonderful teaching tool, introducing new cultures and ways of life to kids who may have never even left their town or city. It’s not just about adapting to people from different walks of life while learning. This can … Read more

While economics isn’t a major in high school, it’s something we all use in our everyday life. We’re all impacted by the economy… and not just our own. As a business studies teacher, you’ll undoubtedly touch on economics. But just imagine showing economic principles in action, growing one of the world’s leading industrial nations. If … Read more

A trip to Paris is on everyone’s ‘love bucket list.’ And, it’s not hard to work out why, either. There’s the Eiffel Tower, the fashion and, of course, the French language. A trip up the Eiffel Tower is enough to make their heart sing… that is, until you hear them start speaking. So, what’s the … Read more

As teachers, it’s not an easy job to educate your students about countries steeped in thousands of years of culture. How can you even begin to convey a country’s entire history in a classroom curriculum? It’s not easy, but that’s what makes you a great teacher. And educational tours in Spain help bridge your teachings, … Read more

Dreaming of an Italian holiday conjures up all kinds of images. Wrestling an enormous pizza slice, gazing out at the Colosseum or scooping up gelato while exploring the ruins of Pompeii. Ask just about anyone what Italy is known for, and food or history will be their most likely answer. Some stereotypes are true, and … Read more

Does the thought of taking your students on an educational trip to China excite and overwhelm you? Worried about the logistics and missing something, or concerned about how you’ll cope once you get there? These feelings are normal. But don’t let them prevent you from giving your student this unique experience… To apply what they’ve … Read more

Textbooks are certainly an important tool when it comes to teaching history. Yet nothing comes closer to understanding historical events than witnessing it with your own eyes. Taking your students to the Berlin Wall to help them grasp the world-changing events that unfolded right there decades ago. Reading Anne Frank’s diary, then visiting the house … Read more

We’re fortunate enough to grow up in an English-speaking country. It’s the ‘universal’ language and, often, a necessary edge to taking a career global. But the importance of learning a second language goes beyond job opportunities. Even if your students aren’t using it in their everyday life, there are endless benefits of a second language. … Read more