All High School Students Should Learn a Second Language. Here’s Why

We’re fortunate enough to grow up in an English-speaking country. It’s the ‘universal’ language and, often, a necessary edge to taking a career global. But the importance of learning a second language goes beyond job opportunities. Even if your students aren’t using it in their everyday life, there are endless benefits of a second language.

A ticket to good grades

Learning and speaking a second language introduces students to the world, broadens their horizons, increases their confidence, and provides future opportunities. Psychologists even state students who know a second language get higher tests scores in other areas of study (particularly in math and vocabulary). It helps students process information faster.

Connect with other cultures

Over 414 million people speak Spanish. And Chinese? Approximately 1.2 billion people. The best languages to learn include Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, German, French and Italian. It’s not only the dialogue your students will comprehend – but also the specific culture. Italy, for example, is rich in history, arts and culture, while China is the epitome of business.

New experiences, future opportunities

Students who learn a second language have access to educational cultural school trips, which can be the precursor for future study abroad programs. Being able to actively participate in a culture can enrich travel, deepen the connection, and help foster relationships. These experiences can lead to friendships, new perspectives, job opportunities and boosted confidence.

It nurtures empathy

Languages teach diversity and help students gain an understanding into other people, no matter where they’re from. It gives youth a worldly perspective, develops patience, and the ability to accept what is unknown to them. This is a useful tool they’ll use throughout their life.

Cultural adaptation, even if it’s in their own direct environment, is important to foster. It could be something as simple as welcoming new students from different cultures into the school… or, later in life, in the workplace.

From the educator’s perspective, the cognitive benefits and accepting nature of students are enough to encourage more students to enrol in secondary languages. And one way to attract more students into these classes is through overseas cultural trips.

That’s where our TravelBound team comes in. We work with Australian schools, just like yours, to take students on immersive travel tours to fast-track their second language skills, gain more confidence, and create lasting memories.

Teach in borderless, safe, classrooms.

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