7 Educational Sights for Australian Students in Italy (Beyond Pasta & The Vatican)

Dreaming of an Italian holiday conjures up all kinds of images. Wrestling an enormous pizza slice, gazing out at the Colosseum or scooping up gelato while exploring the ruins of Pompeii.

Ask just about anyone what Italy is known for, and food or history will be their most likely answer. Some stereotypes are true, and this is certainly the case with Italy. Of course, no educational tour to Italy would be complete without immersing yourself in the rich Roman heritage.

You know the sights: The Colosseum and Roman Forum, Pompeii, the Vatican, the Sistine Chapel, and the Venice Canals (yes, see them before they’re flooded). But there’s plenty of other famous things in Italy to take your students to on a cultural tour.

1. Hadrian’s Villa

A large Roman archaeological complex at Tivoli, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is a memorable place to bring your students to. Here, your students will understand the timeless legacy of Ancient Rome… built by the Emperor Hadrian in 117 AD.

2. Costa Ostia

Another archaeological site, Costa Ostia was once the main anchorage of Ancient Rome. Marvel at old buildings, gorgeous mosaics and ruins that date back to the fourth century BC of what’s thought to be the first Colony of Rome.

3. Castel Del Monte

A 13th Century citadel and castle on a hill, the medieval Castel Del Monte is located in the Apulia region of south-east Italy. Constructed during the 1240s, it is one of the 54 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the country. Architecturally steeped in Apulian history, this will awaken interests in life back in this age.

4. Florence’s Art Workshops

A magnet in the fine art world with the Ufizzi Gallery and the statue of ‘David’, Florence also offers short art workshops – which take place in both studios and on the streets. Think sketches, portraits, life drawings, paintings, and sculptures. You tell us what your area of focus is and TravelBound will arrange the workshops with local artists.

5. Venetian Mask Making

For a different kind of art class, there’s the traditional artisan craft work of Venetian papier-mâché masks. The mask has a deep, historical relevance in Venice, which students can learn about as they create their own decorative piece.

6. Food Tours & Cooking Classes

Travel through your five senses with food tours and cooking classes. Your students will enjoy getting hands-on, making (and eating) pasta, pizza and gelato. Cooking classes led by local chefs are a fun, engaging way to learn a skill and forge a strong group bond. Pizza-making class? Sì, grazie!

7. Roman Gladiator Schools

This promises to be a trip highlight for the boys in the group. Gladiator schools were notorious for training the best fighters throughout the Roman Empire. There are plenty of student-friendly schools, offering training and a visitor to a gladiator museum. Expect a lot of laughs in this class.

Want to learn interesting facts about Italy? Got ideas for your educational school tour to Italy? We’re just as excited as you are. Together, let’s create your Italian itinerary.

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