Birthplace to the gods and goddesses of ancient civilisation and a source of myth and legend, Greece with its multitude of stunning classical locations is a proven favourite.  From modern day Athens to the ancient Acropolis, a visit to Greece gives students a true insight into ancient history.

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Travelbound believe that truly educational travel experiences involve hands on interaction with the real culture of a country, not just the historic attractions and scenic sites. See what lies beneath the surface through these unique and immersive experiences:

  • Enjoy an evening of Greek dancing and fine local food
  • Create your own ceramic artefact following the exact manufacturing process of Ancient Greeks.
  • Athens street art tour, led by a local artist


Classical ideals of art and architecture still form the baseline of our artistic standards as we know them today.  Greece is bursting with a plethora or archaeological sites, ancient monuments, breath-taking sea-side villages and preserved examples of Classics architecture.  Step into the ring where the first Olympic athletes competed, explore the realm of the Gods at the Temple of Zeus or visit Delphi, the site of the first Delphic oracle.  A truly educational destination which brings the textbook to life.


One of the oldest cities in the world, the birthplace of democracy, philosophy and drama; Greece culture is illuminated with some of the earliest surviving art in Europe, as well as the most fascinating museums.  Gain a deeper understanding of Greek literature’s heavyweights including Homer, Sophocles and Euripides; Sing a cappella in Epidaurus Theatre in Athens or learn some traditional Greek dances.

Sample itinerary - Ancient Greece

Day 1:



·         Depart Australia to Athens via transit

Day 2:




·        Arrive in Athens before private transfer to accommodation for check in.

·        Sightseeing:

– Guided coach tour of Athens: City tour including highlights of the tour will include Acropolis of Athens, Parthenon.

Day 3:



·        Sightseeing:

– Ancient Agora site and museum (with archaeological guide)

Visit the New Acropolis Museum
– Athens Street Art Tour

Day 4:



·        Sightseeing:

– Full Day cruise to 3 beautiful islands Hydra-Poros-Aegina


Day 5



·        Transfer to Delphi

·        Sightseeing:

– Delphi Archaeological Site, Delphi Archaeological Museum, the Great Oracle and Cult of Apollo (with archaeological guide)


Day 6:



·        Transfer to Nafplio

·        Sightseeing:

– Tolon, Epidavros visit site and museum (with archaeological guide)

– Mycenae site and museum (with archaeological guide)

– Visit Ancient Corinth

·        Dinner – Traditional Greek Night Tolon


·        Meet local guide

·        Transfer to Sparta (Approx. 2hrs)

·        Sightseeing:

Sightseeing using private coach

– Tour of Ancient Sparta: Including Sanctuary of Athena Halkioitou, Sanctuary of Artemis Orthia and Byzantine Church of Christ the Saviour.

Day 8:




·        Sightseeing:

– Free time in Athens

Monastiraki Flea Market

Day 9:



·        Transfer to Athens International Airport for flight home

·        Overnight on flight

Day 10:



·        Arrive home



  • Ancient Agora site and museum (with archaeological guide): The ancient agora is one of the best known examples in Greece. Students of classics and ancient history can explore an open-air museum displaying the buildings and structures that made up this important Athenian place of assembly.
  • Visit the New Acropolis Museum:  The Acropolis Museum is an archaeological museum focused on the findings of the archaeological site of the Acropolis of Athens.
  • Full-Day cruise to three beautiful islands Hydra-Poros-Aegina: Visit three gorgeous Greek Islands in one day on an island-hopping cruise from Athens! Visiting the Saronic Islands of Hydra, Poros and Aegina

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  • Delphi Archaeological Site, Delphi Archaeological Museum, the Great Oracle and Cult of Apollo (with archaeological guide) Visit the iconic archaeological sites of Delphi– a unique artistic roman achievement. Situated in a magnificent natural setting which is still intact, it is an outstanding example of a great Pan-Hellenic sanctuary.


  • Tolon, Epidavros visit site and museum (with archaeological guide): The ancient ruins of Epidavros pay testament to the Greek’s commitment to the gods of healing as well as providing fantastic examples of Classic architecture. The Sanctuary of Asklepios, the Tholos and the theatre are remarkable works and provide visiting school groups with a real treat.
  • Mycenae site and museum (with archaeological guide): Mycenae was once one of the major centres of Greek civilization and boasted a tough military stronghold. Today you will find plenty of examples of Greek architecture including tholos tombs and ancient temples.
  • Ancient Corinth Corinth was a powerful ancient Greek city-state. It was located on the coast and was ruled by a king.


  • Visit the site and museum in Knossos (with archaeological guide) After a short drive through the town of Heraklion the tour will arrive at the Knossos excavations. Here, Sir Arthur Evan’s archaeological discoveries revealed a civilization dating back to 4000 B.C., when a great empire flourished on the island of Crete. Based on the wealth of artefacts that were found, Evans theorized that this was the site of the ancient Minoan Kingdom.