Hallo, Freund!


Hallo, Freund!

From the Black Forest to Berlin, Moselle to Munich, our educational tours to Germany offer a wide variety of destinations that suit a wide range of subject interests for travelling school groups. From the small towns with their cobbled streets and longstanding traditions to the big cities with turbulent histories, all provide fantastic settings for school groups looking to immerse themselves in Germany’s rich culture.

Language & Culture
History & Classics
Music & Performance


Travelbound believe that truly educational travel experiences involve hands on interaction with the real culture of a country – culture meaning the daily activities, customs and way of life of a people, not just the historic attractions and scenic sites. See what lies beneath the surface through these unique and immersive experiences:

  • Berlin Urban art tour
  • Travel how the locals travel in a city bike tour
  • Traditional German sausage ‘wurst’ cooking class
  • Local school visit with possibility of teambuilding exercises or sports game


Germany provides a central focus for history groups with an interest in World War I, World War II and the Cold War. History is palpable in every corner of this country and offers students the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of rise of National Socialism, life under the Nazi regime, the fall of Hitler’s Germany and the aftermath of WW2 and the origins of the Cold War. Inspire the young minds with a school trip to Germany – a huge country of great contrasts.


Take your lessons out of the classroom and help your students understand the German culture through practicing the language in real-life situations. Speaking with the locals allows students to hear the unique pronunciation as well as test their ability to respond – an invaluable experience ja!


As one of the centres of European culture, Germany has developed into a creative hub with a booming artistic, musical and theatrical scene. From imposing cathedrals and intimate churches our tours can accommodate all ensembles in a variety of concert venues.



  • Alexanderplatz located in the city centre of Berlin is the perfect start for your discovery of Berlin. Historically “Alex” (as the locals call it) was a square used to trade cattle and later on became popular due to its proximity to the Red City Hall (Rotes Rathaus) and the Palast der Republik
  • Self-guided walking tour of Brandenburg Gate, Unter den Linden, the Reichstag etc. Make sure to stop at the Jewish Memorial in front the Reichstag.
  • Strasse Unter den Linden is a beautiful boulevard sends you onto Potsdamer Platz, an important thoroughfare throughout Berlin’s ancient history, laid waste during WWII and was bisected by the Berlin Wall during the Cold War.
  • Tiergarten is Berlin’s most popular inner-city park, located completely in the district of same name.
  • Bebelplatz is the public square which holds a memorial to the Nazi Book Burning
  • If time permits, we suggest you spend some time exploring the Museuminsel with world famous museums such as Altes, Neues Museum, Pergamon Museum or Alte Nationalegallerie
  • Berlin wall. As a mark of remembrance, pavement has been put in the ground where the Berlin Wall used to be and nowadays, you can walk along the Wall and stop at the most important places like Checkpoint Charlie.
  • East Side Gallery (Mauergalerie) Is an international memorial for freedom. It is a 1316 m long section of the Berlin Wall located near the centre of Berlin on Mühlenstraße in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg.
  • Holocaust museum is a striking memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe.

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