China feels like a hundred countries rolled into one. A clash of historic artefacts and modern technology, concrete jungles and remote villages, smoky markets and gleaming buildings, a tour to China will break all preconceived “sweet and sour pork” assumptions of this truly overwhelming country.

Language & Culture
History & Classics
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China Top Attractions

See amazing China through this video and imagine how wonderful your journey will be.


Whether you are walking through the Hu Tongs, buying souvenirs or chatting in one of the many traditional tea houses, China provides an invaluable opportunity for students to develop and strengthen their Chinese language and learn about Chinese culture. All Chinese language schools we partner with are internationally accredited and classes are run by professional, qualified teachers. Depending on the experience you are looking for, your chosen language schools can be located in big bustling cities or smaller towns and villages.

History & Classics

With over 5,000 years of rich history, China is one of the world’s oldest and most influential civilisations. From well-preserved ancient towns with criss-cross waterways to the towering achievements of the Great Wall of China and the Terracotta warriors, China’s past dynasties are a fascinating look into an impressive part of history.



China is currently the largest manufacturing economy in the world and is quickly advancing in other markets globally. This makes it an excellent insight into growing economies and consumer power. Students have the incredible opportunity to learn firsthand the challenges of entering this market through exclusive meet and greets with Australian expats or presentations by large Chinese corporations.


Travelbound believes that authentic educational travel experiences involve hands-on interaction with the real culture of a country – culture meaning the daily activities, customs and way of life, not just the historic attractions and scenery. See what lies beneath the surface through these unique and immersive experiences:

  • Lessons in Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Chinese Calligraphy, Mahjong and Traditional Chinese Handicrafts
  • Chinese Acrobatic Show
  • Pulled noodle demonstration
  • Lunch with a local Chinese family


We have designed our itineraries to fit in perfectly with your sister school experience. Whether you are staying just a couple of days or a couple of weeks, we can work around it and organise the perfect China program that will work within your sister school requirements.

The Highlights of China Tour


  • Poets, prime ministers and the immortal donkey: This tour is sure to delight students’ imaginations by uncovering secrets to Beijing’s ancient and modern history. (Additional supplement)
  • Cooking class: In this immersive experience, students will learn how to knead and roll dough, create fillings, and concoct natural dyes from fresh vegetables for colorful wraps
  • Hutong Rickshaw Tour: Tour of the Hutongs, Beijing’s ancient, narrow streets by rickshaw
  • Great Wall of China: Travel north from the city to the Great Wall of China to walk on top of the wall, Juyongguan Section.
  • Ming Tombs: On the way back to Beijing, stop at the Ming Tombs and a stroll along the Sacred Way lined with animal statues.
  • Kung Fu Show: Fusion of modern dance with Chinese traditional arts which make this performance unique and spectacular.

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